I suppose the title is what comes up

This is one of my first and few attempts at video poetry, it is mainly aimed at the conflict in Syria, with undertones of shopping culture. I believe it is poignant, to the current circumstances, specifically the final couplet, which makes reference to the use of chemical weapons. plus I just fancied putting a video forward


Jobsworth, a poem about the chronic state of the countries mismanagement.



In for the penny, quid’s in for Poundland.

A harsh lesson lectured the economy

Theory swept aside, stack the shelves and stands

Or your money we shall hide….Money?


There are jobs in Jobland, why’s a pound not given?

Now that,, I believe they call that scrounging!

For a lecture, find a politician!

Find them in Common, guffawing  n’  a lounging


Lions of the country sat upon their arses

shouting! Flouting all that we hold dear,

health, pension, education. Black holed farces.

Trust in us they say! Have yourselves no fear!?


Trust a politician; I put it to the Queen.

Put it to people, does this seem obscene?

This is my first into the cave on the wordpress, I hope you like it, it is called Folklands


Folks lands take it to the UNion.

Settled it!? Falklandish Independence,

adjust the questions of a population

whom can choose their own defenders.


Can the just be peacefallen, surely?

Living happenstance ever after stories.

In a silvered land of hope and glory,

may we not extend war and its furies.

Paradise it’s not, on bloody Sundays.

Cold but nice to see the next months Monday’s


Then the Sunday, we all live together,

someday happily and forever! After

Both fronts firmly facing freezing. Whether

the pubs a good place for warm friendly laughter?!

Happily merrily verily, ever? After,,,


May God Save Us All.