The rather crossed

To be or not to be, expressed question.

Alas poor Jesus, Christ I crossed him.

Fallen am I to experience less Son.

With respect sir your sheep I have lost them.


Beneath Sun nor Moon, my belief, my faith.

Ye hath lost none! Only the Ocean gives

up its time to reign, and rain it willeth.

Giving life to those few, who pray can live?


Amongst wolves, barking and howling for blood.

Money for talents and the poor be spent.

Double that is due, for Manna the food.

Of love, Ah, to see such a being rent.


Asunder, thunderous side splitting veils

of laughter, verily letting vessels.Image,


2 thoughts on “The rather crossed

  1. Your profound wordplay give the reader several angles from which to consider your message and meaning. I like that aspect of your piece a lot. Thank you for contributing to Verse First.

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