DraconaiX Remix

OK so it has been ages since I have been in here, it is probably due a facelift and a shifty about. Since I was last here I have begun making music, well, I’ll let anyone taking any notice decide on that one. Give me a like on you tube if you like it, or just give us one anyway 😉 I am probably going to break this site up as the DraconaiX name is now specifically geared towards the music side of things, although there could be crossover along the way, who knows?



It has been a while since I have been to the cave, so perhaps it is time for a deluge, perhaps not, lets see what have we got to show you?


From a recent plod around Scaftworth, the place can look very oldy worldy at times.

by the ear1

I just love it when you find a great piece of random that catches the eye (ear).

Wakey Wakey!

Wakey Wakey!


Morning has broken, yet again I am

Woken. What the, fires an alarming toll

Poking, again n’ again. It’s 4 AM

And I am smoking, ball point on a roll


My morning broken, thought now locked n’ chained

Continuously provoking, a Go’d damned

PUSSY RIOT! PUSSY RIOT! Mocked and blamed

It’s 5.30 a pig squealed, as it burned


Mourning broke, others choked, while I chuck one

Into a rolling ashtray. Ah, smell that

Coffee. An early bird caught by a worm

Turning. The screws tighten and that is that


It’s sicks, sixteen sorry eighteen rising

Death’s Bell tolls, on and on, anon, uprising.



P.S. I was hoping to have this as a video, but my equipment said no, so I have not, and since I wish to strike while the iron is hot, here she is.