Memoirs of a Job Seeker (Sestina)

Memoirs of a Job Seeker

There may well be more of these to come, since I could not say it all.


Praefectus Veteratoris

Praefectus Veteratoris

“Terrorist”, International buzz word.
Propaganda for those who are opposed
to a piece of peace. Appeasing foreword
before the whip cracks down on the deposed.

Depress, a new nine one one psychology
button. The Shepherd, teeth bared, hunts his flock.
In self defence! Your excuse for hoplology.
Burning chemist, toxic weapon half cock.

Maelstrom maestro, Machiavellian masochisms,
monstrous machismo! Ergo your ego,
murders, slaughters, sons and daughters. Schisms
pummelled left and right minded, let it go.

Echo’s thunderclap, wall to wall violence.
Your people drown in their own fluids,,,silence.

The Waters have broken ( My response to National poetry day 2013)

The Waters showing how they have broken.
Seeing slaughtered the mind with its absence.
Runnels of blood from the mouths that have spoken.
Crushing out life, like washing an abcess.

A glass half full is a glass half emptied.
The seer’s crying, weeping while soaring.
Spotted on high those low flying diverse
madnesses sweep across open Oceans.

Budhist mobs? Baying, praying for murder.
Have we not all of us, been this mistaken?
Empty belief, beggars the believers.
Heresy, I’ve said heresy! Ah Men?

The world stands with exascerbated breath.
Good will fails, exasperated with death.